E-mobility test center

E-mobility test center

From the laboratory to the test track. (From theory to reality)

Direct access with no delay in the development.

At our E-mobility test center, we test the newest development, straight out of the laboratory.

All setups from frames , suspension, drive settings and battery performance can be tested and fine tuned without delay.  24/7

Our clients enjoy the possibility to see the products evolving.

    Endurance testing 

For commercial rental companies to ensure the lifetime of the product is matching the economical planing.

    Destructive tests 

Battery packs, frames, suspensions, mechanical sub components, engines, controller, cable harness. We have special vehicles and test racks to run these tests live for full documentation.

    Environmental influence test 

For the desired protection classification. IP xx is theory, application testing shows the real impact. 

    Ready to Race

Participations in races to give our products the final reliability insurance. 

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