Innovative electrical drive train technology

  • 250 Watt - 50 KW
  • Passive cooling to liquid cooling, BLDC to IPM
  • Advanced  field weakening controller technology. 
  • Geared drivetrains
  • mechanical or electrical clutches & braking systems
  • flywheel

    Parts & components

  • Street legal components
  • Mechanical clutch, complete or adaptation for existing hydraulic systems for electrical drives.
  • Electronic brake, complete or adaptation for existing hydraulic systems.
  • Charging stations for commercial and private usage, renewable charging station, Car-/Bike ports
  • Automotive grade controllers FOC

    Frame and Suspension design

  • Frame design, prototyping, testing, certifications, production
  • Suspension choice and tuning. Sölva, Showa, WP, Öhlins…..

    Energy Storage (Battery & Hydrogen)

  • Battery storage systems  „renewable“ for hot swap charging 
  • Application specific battery packs including hot and cold climate
  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier (production, storage & usage) Super-caps, as Lithium booster 
  • Latest Lithium based battery technology
  • Battery development includes mechanical protection, BMS integration, prototyping, testing and production.
  • Speed- and wireless charging controller with higher usable time, where in commercial application the economical benefit increase.
  • We work together with listed battery packing companies for best price / quality insurance.
  • Charging Cabinet
  • Wind and Solar charging on-grid and off grid
  • Battery test and quality improvement for existing packs.

    Energy Production

  • Innovative charging for electrical vehicles with renewables. (wind/water/solar)
  • Turnkey for  off-grid solutions. 
  • Energy as heat and/or electricity.


  • Battery certifications, 
  • Street homologation
  • Crash test


    Mass production

  • 100% on the spot QM for mass production in europe and Asia to ensure highest quality.
  • Competitive pricing
  • PM team in Europe 


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