• Consultancy services
    • Purchase & quality support in Europe, Asia, US
    • Quality improvement for existing products
    • Frame, overall mechanics, suspension
    • Prototyping
    • Mass production, own team in china
    • Testing / Certifications
    • Established Supply Chain
    • Motor design ( IPM / Radial Flux / Axial Flux / Transverse flux)
    • FOC controller
    • Conceptual studies
    • Charging infrastructure , docked charging, swapping cabinets
    • Speed charging

  • Turn key solutions
    • Commercial usage (rental)
    • Performance (ready to race)
    • All Terrain  (ATV 4wheel drive)
    • Off-road / On-road
    • Special purpose (transportation, handicap)
    • Charging stations (Cabinets) , on- and off-grid via renewables. (wind/water/solar)
    • Battery swap stations
    • Motor ( IPM / Radial Flux / Axial Flux / Transverse flux)
    • FOC controller, Hardware, Firmware and customisation
    • Battery LIION —> LFP all form factors

The company’s headquarter is based in Germany, R&D and design  in Sweden, production in Europe and Asia

More than 20 years experience with successfully  launched products.

OEM Solutions for

light vehicles

drive trains

battery systems

charging cabinets


MRT GmbH & Co KG, Hauptstr. 22 D-93096 Köfering, Amtgericht: Kempten, HRB 10717, UST.-IdNr. DE272695963

CEO Prof. Dr. Uwe Hager (Politecnico CH), COO Winnie Bräuner

www.mrtenergy.com, email: uwe.hager@mrtenergy.com

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